Updated Summer 2019 Schedule


All Classes are Drop-In with the 10 Class Pass!

Regular Pricing: | 10-Pass = $13.50/Class | 


Class Descriptions  

Yoga / Stretch:

Yoga: Classes provide a feeling of calm & well being. Postures increase flexibility, relieve tension, calm the mind, and improve strength & balance.

Fitness Classes:

The Athlete: Come in for a full body workout focusing on developing strength and power as well as bulletproofing your body for all your sporting needs. Workouts include progressions and regressions to cater to your own individual skill level and fitness experience. All abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate!  

Everything Intervals: In Everything Intervals, we’ll use a wide variety of intervals to give you a balanced, intense full body workout. Some times we’ll move fast and other times we’ll move slow and controlled, but we’ll always leave feeling like our whole body has been through a workout!

Boot Camp: In Boot Camp you will enjoy a fast-paced circuit of interval training involving bursts of intense activity, alternated with intervals of lighter work.

Work with Weights: This 60 minute class promises a full body workout with weights, tubing and body weight with a focus on excellent form and technique - good work for novice or experienced exercisers.

Payment Options

10 Class Pass: [$13.50+gst/class] 

The 10 Class Pass is the simplest and most flexible way to enjoy any of the scheduled classes offered in The Well. The pass is now valid for 120 days after first use. 

The 10 Class Pass Features:

  • Drop-In to any class when your schedule allows it.

  • Unused credits are saved in your account and expire in 90 days from first use.

  • Purchase from the Online Store (Online Store Tab > Service/Class Purchase) to use later.

Order a Custom Class

Order a custom class for your friends or team! You supply us with the type of class you want, the time that works best, and some friends or team members to do the class with. Then we make it happen!

Email us to get the process started.