A personal trainer can serve a number of roles in your life: motivator, educator, role model, coach, or confidence builder.  Our trainers will design a program specific to your needs and goals and will regularly revisit these goals to ensure you are on the right track.   Whether you are trying to loose weight, want to learn to exercise efficiently and safely, or working towards a specific health and fitness goal, our trainers can help you get there faster.  You can choose to work out 1 on 1, or in groups of 2 or 3.


Solo Personal Training:

  • Get individualized attention and a program designed specifically for you.

  • Single Session: $70 5 Pack: $325 ($65/session) 10 Pack: $600 ($60/session) [+gst]

Duo Personal Training:

  • Want to save on costs or work out with a friend? (Price is per person)

  • Single Session: $40/person 5 Pack: $175 ($35/person /session) 10 Pack: $320 ($32/person/session) [+gst]

Group Personal Training:

  • Small group personal training classes offer the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

  • Are you looking for an intense workout without the hassle of coming up with the right program to fit your needs?

  • Group personal training is a great way to boost your workout intensity and keep you accountable while remaining under the watchful eye of a certified personal trainer!

  • If you are more comfortable working out in a small group setting of 3-6, this program could be just for you!

  • $25/session [+gst] (price is per person). Email to get a group started.

Booking Training

  1. Choose Solo, Duo or Group. No training partner – email us and we can put you on our partner list.

  2. Choose a Trainer. We can help if required.

  3. Email us at with your selections and day/time preferences. We will connect you directly with the trainer that meets your needs and availability.

  4. Click Here orthe Book Online button > Online store tab > Service/Class Purchase and purchase your desired number of sessions.

Personal Trainers


Penny Stratas | Personal Trainer / Group Fitness

With over 35 years in the fitness industry, Penny’s philosophy is to encourage lifelong fitness, a ‘healthy body/healthy mind’ approach with emphasis on regular exercise, sound nutrition and balanced lifestyle choices.

As a fitness instructor first in Ottawa and, since 1999, in North and West Vancouver, she is BCRPA certified in Group Fitness, Weight Training and Personal Training.   A talented presenter on fitness, nutrition, balance and fitness for healthy aging, Penny has presented to organizations throughout the lower mainland.


Scott McGinley | Personal Trainer / Group Fitness

Scott is BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and weight trainer, with a passion for sport, namely rugby. Born and raised in Vancouver, Scott graduated from high school from Magee secondary in 2006. Scott is still playing competitive rugby with the Meraloma Rugby Club — go Lomas — and is currently working towards his IYCA High School Strength Coach certification.