Lightheaded, unbalanced, on a boat, room spinning, foggy - these are all different ways people can describe their dizziness. There are several reasons you may feel dizzy, here are a few.

The vestibular system is in our inner ear and tells our brain changes in position and acceleration and deceleration. Sometimes the small crystals in the inner ear tell the brain the wrong message and can give you vertigo (room spinning sensation) - this is BPPV. It has a quick and very effective treatment which can be done by your family doctor or trained physiotherapist. Other types of dizziness can be caused by your neck (similar to cervicogenic headaches we’ve already talked about), visual issues and migraines.

Stress and fatigue are factors which can also lead to you feeling dizzy. If you’re not sure of the reasons of your dizziness, book in with Juliet, Physiotherapist, she has specific vestibular training and can help investigate your dizziness. She’s seeing staff every Thursday afternoon in the Therapy Room.