Concussion Recovery

The most common symptoms from concussions are headaches, neck pain, visual issues, fogginess and sleep disturbances.

Generally, these symptoms resolve in 2-3 weeks, however, for some, they can be debilitating and linger much longer than expected. It is important to get the right information and advice after a concussion, pacing activities has got to be at the forefront of your recovery.

Taking active rests and returning to some daily life activities is essential.

Along with your family Doctor, your physiotherapist should be able to guide you through the first few weeks of recovery, helping you return to your ‘normal’ life.

Generally, physiotherapy treatments will involve visual exercises, strengthening of the neck and reconditioning through target heart rate cardio programs. It’s never too late to tackle lingering symptoms, if you’re having any post-concussive issues, book in with Juliet, Physio in the Therapy Room every Thursday afternoon.